Payday Loans FAQ


What does a payday loan mean. Does cash advance mean the same?
A payday loan like a cash advance belongs to is unsecured kinds of loan that are granted to the customers for small period of time and are given in small sums. This type of loan was created in order to help all those who are in need to cover small expenses. With help of this monetary assistance they will be able to make it until the next salary. It is especially useful when you need to avoid bounced check payment. You can submit an application without leaving your house. Some time later after the procedure is launched the loan will be deposited to your account in the bank.

What is the purpose of payday loan?
The purpose can be different. You can use to cover your sudden expenditures or you can pay forgotten bill with the money you borrowed until salary. It is up to you and you will make the decision on the proper use of cash advance.

Can you borrow much?
This loan is meant to cover small fees therefore there is no need to expect big sums of money here. The biggest possible sum is 1500 dollars but you will hardly be able to get it because you need to be trustworthy for that. The decision will be taken on the basis of initial information that you fill in when you complete the application. It is usually not so big. But after you repay you will raise the level of your credibility and will look more trustworthy in the eyes of the lender. When you ask for bigger sum next time you will certainly get it.

In what way the fee is formed?
The usual rate is from 25 to 30 dollars per $100 provided by the payday loan. The bigger the amount you want to borrow the more the fee is. In order to borrow 200 dollars, for example, you will need to pay 50-60 dollars for the service and some consider this fee too expensive. Probably, this is so, but when the reputation is on stake you do not think much about money.

In what manner should I qualify for the loan?
First of all, you should make sure that you meet the demands. The loan is provided to adults with American citizenship. You should also have an employment with salary from $1000. People who apply for payday loan need to provide a bank account because the cash is send there.

What information the application form should contain?
It should contain your name, address, banking card info, working place, in some cases ID is needed.

What do you do to guarantee security of my personal information?
You may not worry over the security of your personal and financial information because the data is transmitted via 128 bit SSL technology.

Do I need to pay the fee for application?
We do not charge for application. Everything is free to the moment when cash is transferred to your banking account. After this you will have to pay the fee for the borrowed amount of money. It is about 30 dollars for 100 dollars taken out.

Are people with bad credit can also get cash advance within the short period of time?
Bad credit clients are not rejected in our company.

Will I have to send fax to prove my identity?
No, we do not require that.

Why do I need direct deposit? Do I need direct deposit?
You should have an account in the bank set up with direct deposit. Without this condition you will not be able to receive payday loans. If you have it, you can get your payday loan fast and without effort.

How quickly do you process the application?
We process your application fast - within an hour after you submit your request. After approval the money is transferred to your banking account. It will take a day to get your cash.

How do I learn about being approved?
You will get notifications that will show your status and you are notified of your new status when you are approved.

On what date will I have to repay?
You need to repay on the day of salary. Usually it can take from 8 days to 25 days.

Can I repay my debt in advance?
You should get in touch with us and we will discuss this possibility with you.